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November & December 2012 - A meeting was held at the Columba Club in January and members were updated on activities before Christmas.

The Chairman was delighted with the attendance at the November AGM and all the Officers listed above were elected for the coming year.  Members had

represented our Branch at the Garden of Remembrance Service at St. John's Church, Cardiff.  We also attended the Remembrance Parade at Cardiff,

after which we were pleased to enrol former Tankie Joe Griffin as a new member.  The Commemorative visit to the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of

Cambrai was thoroughly enjoyed by the 9 members who went along.  Full details were sent to members just before Christmas so we hope all enjoyed reading

about our adventures there!  Contact us if you didn't receive the information.  Lee stayed behind but was able to represent our Branch once again 

at the London Regimental Remembrance Parade.  Last but not least we are grateful to the Regiment for once again sending a number of

hampers to the widows and housebound tankies. They were well received with our good wishes for the new year.

Forthcoming events that members need to think about will be the Slapton Sands Weekend 27th & 28th April.  It's not likely to cost much

including a one night stay.  Terry has more information but you can also click the link <HERE> More discussions will be discussed in the

February meeting. See you then.

Sept 2012 The main topic of conversation at the September meeting was the forthcoming trip to Cambrai.  Hotels have been arranged in Cardiff for members coming from the North

and West of Wales.  We are all paid up.  Transport to join the Plymouth Coach at Bristol is fixed.  Brace yourselves guys we will leave Cardiff at 5.15am. 

Otherwise November will be very busy as usual.  Dates listed above and full details available from Terry.  All remember the AGM date.

On a sad note Mrs Amy Ellam passed away recently.  Ron and Anne were able to represent the Branch at her funeral.

July 2012 - A gathering was held on 5th July but no official meeting took place.  We are pleased that two more members have decided to come to Cambrai in November.

We are now a group of 8 and will join members of the Bristol and Plymouth Branches to travel to Cambrai.  The Treasurer requires an extra 95 asap, which is the

final balance for the trip.  Rumour has it, that Armed Forces Day in Cardiff was once again a great success and attended by a small number of our members, who

thoroughly enjoyed.  Particular thanks go to our Standard Bearer.  The day is a great opportunity to "fly the flag" and mingle with other veterans, serving members of the

Armed Forces and the public.

June 2012 - A good turnout at the June meeting.  Details of Armed Forces Day on Saturday can be found by clicking the Armed Forces link further down page. 

Terry was going to apply for tickets for the Veterans enclosure and updated members on Ron's recovery after his recent operation.  He seems to be well and lets

hope we see him back soon.  There was much discussion of about the Cambrai Trip in November and our AGM has been fixed for 7pm on 15th November.

Tom - you know who you us soon with an update on your progress!!!

May 2012A small gathering was held at the Columba Club on the 3rd May.  The Plymouth and Bristol Branch are sharing a coach to Cambrai in November.  They have

a few spare seats and would be delighted to welcome any members who wish to go from our Branch.  Early indications suggest that we may have 6 wishing to go.  Terry can  

provide more details on request and will liaise with them on our behalf.  All the best to Ron and Tom who are expecting to have surgery imminently.

April 2012 - The meeting for 5th April has to be moved to another date...sorry guys. A few apologies have been received.  It is also a holiday weekend. 

Terry is busy gathering information on the Cambrai weekend in November.  Watch this space or keep in touch so that we can arrange a new meeting date

when all can come.  Happy Easter Everyone!

March 2012 - A meeting was held in the Columba Club.  Full details can be found via your usual "grapevine" or by contacting Terry.  Items discussed were Armed

Forces Day and the possibility and logistics of visiting Cambrai later this year.  Next meeting fixed for 5th April.  <Photo Gallery Update Click Here then Click Main Picture for Gallery>

At this time, our thoughts go out to the families who have recently lost loved ones in Afganistan.


February 2012 - Since the last update there have been a few key events.  In November, we had the AGM and the Branch Officers were elected on block to serve for

another year.  Remembrance Sunday was well attended by our Branch members in Cardiff.  We also had representatives at the London Parade the following week and at

the Cambrai Lunch at Bovie once again.   New pictures will be appearing on the pictures page...slowly!!!

December saw delivery of RTR hampers to our more immobile members.  A great social evening at the Columba Club was attended by the vast majority of the Cardiff area members

and some friends of our  association.  Many thanks to member Stan and his wife Liz for organising such a fantastic buffet.  Just before Christmas Ron suffered a mild stroke but was home

in time for Christmas and is doing well.  Also our thoughts go to Tom Perkins and family, as his mother recently passed away just short of her 100th Birthday. 

Details of any of the above can be found via your usual "grapevine" or by contacting Terry.  Next meeting to be confirmed. 

At this time, our thoughts continue to go out to the families and friends of any service personnel who may have been injured or killed in action across the world.


September 2011 - At the last meeting details of the London Parade and The Cambrai Lunch were given out by the Secretary.  Members have been contacted

individually also.  Please remember the AGM on 3rd November.  This is very important.  Any problems - make contact!


July 2011 - Not one but four events have taken place since the last update.  At the end of June several members and their families attended the Armed Forces Day at Cardiff. 

Terry and Keith also flew the flag at the Armed Forces Golf Event, although they didn't win!!!  Early in July, five cars took us to Tidworth Ailwal Barracks for the family day and presentation

of Afganistan medals to the 2RTR chaps.  Our thanks to the Regiment for looking after us so well.  It was a great opportunity to catch up with some other Association members. 

Later in July, we were guests of member and  former Chairman Bob Chinn at the Mid Wales Golf Centre.  Members assembled from all parts of the Wales, with the majority travelling by 

minibus from Cardiff.   The weather and surroundings were fantastic and all had a really enjoyable time.  Thanks to Bob and the Golf Centre staff.

NO MEETING IN AUGUST...have a great summer. 


June 2011 - A busy time at the moment for all of us and a well attended meeting was held on the 2nd June.  Good luck to those taking part in the Golf.   Have a

great day.  Tickets for the veterans tent at Armed Forces Day will be ordered for all members and families attending.  It was decided not to have the lunch this year but to

take packed food.  All those going to Tidworth should now have transport and accomodation if required.  Should be a great day.  Any questions contact Terry or Glyn.

We are looking at using a minibus to go to mid Wales.  The plan is to arrive in time for lunch and have a few drinks in the afternoon.  A leisurely trip...with the possibility of

a round of golf for those interested possibly stopping off on the way back to Cardiff for a bevvy somewhere nice.  Details to be finalised in July to be confirmed!


May 2011 - At the beginning of April members gathered from all parts of Wales for a tour of the Rorke's Drift Museum at Brecon Barracks

followed by lunch at the Officers Mess.  After lunch the Chairman presented a small token of our appreciation to both Ron and Tony in recognition of their

hard work for many years as Treasurer and Secretary.  Our thanks to the Officers and staff at the Barracks for making us so welcome.

The May meeting was informal with the next full meeting booked in for 2nd June.  Members are reminded that we have to book

tickets for the Armed Forces Day by the 14th June so keep in touch. 


March 2011  - It was great to see everyone at the March meeting where we received a report on the St David's Day Celebrations at Cardiff.  We were

represented by three members who very much enjoyed.  Plans for the April 1st trip to Brecon were discussed.  It looks very much as if we will travel

in three cars...Jonathan, Terry & Keith and provisional discussions of who would go with who were discussed.  Your respective driver will no doubt

be in touch to sort out the timings and other practicalities.  Dress Code...Blazers with Regimental or Assocation Tie please.  Any us. 

Communication Lists were given out at the last meeting.  A trip to Ypres was also discussed for 30th July...details from Terry.


February 2011 - A well attended meeting by our standards.  We were very pleased to welcome two new members.  A number of events planned

and listed above.  Details of the St David's Day event were given out but meet promptly at 10.45 at St John's Church, Cardiff.  For Bovington, atendees make

own travel arrangements but must confrim intentions by 14th March.  The trip to Brecon has been provisionally booked for 1st April and the logistics can be

discussed at the March meeting.  This wiil be a great trip including lunch!


November 2010 - The AGM took place at the Columba Club on the 4th November and wow was it a red letter day! Ron Nicholas had expressed

a desire after 38 years to stand down as Treasurer.  Jonathan was unanimously appointed after having served an apprenticeship in the role

with Ron for the last 6 months!  Tony Clarke was also very happy that Terry was prepared to take on the onerous duties of Secretary over the coming months

  All of us have very much appreciated the dedication of both Tony and Ron over many years and we look forward to their continued interest and friendship. 

Great to see a good crowd once again at the Cardiff Remembrance Parade - "WE WILL REMEMBER THEM"

So this Friday, it's the Cambrai Lunch in Bovie, which 7 of us will be attending.  The branch will also be represented by 3 members at the Regimental Remembrance

Parade in London.


September 2010 - Places now booked for 7 members at the Bovington Cambrai Lunch in November.


July 2010 - At the June meeting, members enjoyed a slide show of the trip to Arras. Hopefully, one or two pictures will appear

here soon.  Good wishes are once again extended to our house bound members and those too far away to come regularly for meetings.

The chairman was pleased to report that all members who attended the Armed Forces Day in Cardiff really enjoyed.  The weather

was superb and the regimental stands, entertainment on the ground and airborne fly pasts made for a varied program for the huge crowd.  

Highlights...the Lancaster and Spitfire flypast; RNLI and Sea King Helicopter simulated rescue in Cardiff bay; Challenger 2 and a great

selection of old Jeeps on the ground to name a few!!! 

We are now looking forward very soon to visiting  2RTR at the Castlemartin Ranges. Keith is co-ordinating this event and details were given at

the July meeting. Glyn.


June 2010 - Members thoroughly enjoyed the reunion and celebrations at Arras back in May. A report will follow in due course.

Tickets have been received for the Armed Forces Day and these will be given out at the next meeting.  We have not booked lunch


March 2010 - A meeting was held at the Columba Club with apologies from Tom and Tony. We hope they'll be back with us soon.

Christmas hampers were once again very much appreciated by those who received them and a number of thank you letters received. 

A few of us are going to Arras and very much looking forward to that trip in May. Coming up will be the 'Armed Forces Day' in Cardiff.

There is a lunch in the Millennium Centre, which must be prebooked ASAP. Members have a think about this. More details .... click here 


12/02/2010 ... A social gathering was held at the Columba Club on 11th February rather than the scheduled meeting. Assembled

members were warmly entertained by Ron Nicholas, who in his 90th year was in fine form.  Thanks Ron for your stories.  (Ron's birthday - 29th April) 

LAST CALL FOR ARRAS Gentlemen ... 3 members booked in with the Regimental Colonel.  Any more????


February 2010 ... For various reasons our monthly meeting for February has been moved from the 4th to the 11th. The main discussion

will be about the forthcoming trip to Arras in May. Those members who have expressed an interest should have had more details by now.

We are also looking forward to a birthday celebration for Ron's 90th in April. Organise late passes for that one guys!!!


December 2009 ... The AGM took place almost as planned with all committee members present and several others. The committee

have been re-elected on block. November was a busy month for our members who represented our branch

at the Remembrance Parade in Cardiff and London. Members also enjoyed once again the annual Cambrai Lunch

at Bovington.

Looking forward we are pleased to have welcomed an enthusiastic new member.  There is also a chance for us to join with

other tankies for a battlefield tour in Arras during May 2010.  So far 5 members have expressed an interest but bookings

have to be made very soon. Make contact if you are interested....